Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spicy Yet Sometimes Nice

It is said that little girls are made of spice and everything nice. Yet in her case, someone tampered with the formula or perhaps misjudged the proportion of the ingredients. For she can be spicier than a plate of red-hot habanero chili peppers and just as deadly.

She can throw tantrums like a cantankerous harridan on testosterone, scream with rage at some imagined slight with the racket of a hundred avenging Furies and even throw fists and bolo punches like a professional wrestler running amok.

When she feels like it, she can be obnoxious, overbearing, inconsiderate , argumentative and downright mean. Truly a spiteful and absolutely detestable little devil disguised as a chubby, cuddly and cute girl with chinky eyes, bushy black hair and an impish smile.

But she can also be, perhaps when the stars are right and the heavenly portents favorable (who knows?), sweet as pure sugar, soft as creamy marshmallows and warm and caressing like a summer rain on a hot, sunny day. Then her kisses would be sweet, her embrace intoxicating and her smile bright and sincere, a joy to behold.

Perhaps this duality of extremes that is in the nature of the female species is simply more pronounced in her. Perhaps also in time she will outgrow and learn to harmonize this dichotomy and learn to accentuate the positive rather than the negative aspects of her being and psyche.

But she is who and what she is now. That fact is undeniable. And since variety is what makes us humans interesting and fascinating then I suppose one must be able to accept her for what she is and love her just the same.

Muriel: (howling and crying): "Josh hit me! He hit me, Uncle!"
Me: (irritated): "Josh! Did you just punch your sister?"
Josh (contrite): "Sorry, but she started the fight. I was watching the TV when she came in, grabbed the remote control and changed the channel."
Me (exasperated): "What did you do?"
Josh: "I snatched it back."
Me: "Why did you hit her then?"
Josh (teary-eyed): "She bit me on the arm."

It is said that you can't live with women or live without them. That applies to little girls too as well, at least to some of them. They can be such a joy to have, but then they can also be such a pain in the neck.


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