Bretania Islands In The Rain

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  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Wish i could be back to this place, i had visited Bretannia in the early '70's during the peak of the logging activities of Lianga Bay Logging Company; the Young Men Labor Union Stevedoring (YMLUS) of the late Iyo Hernan Layno; the group of Daniel Sindo; the stevedores of Iyo Flor Gonzaga and many small loggers during that time. Bretannia then was "no man's land" nobody stayed there and people then was very scarce especially in the barangay areas but Lianga was economically flourishing during that time because the road from Davao and Butuan was only up to Lianga and you should take pumpboat in going to Diatagon, Marihatag, San Agustin up to Tandag.Business in Lianga was very progressive then.I have plans with my family to have our vacation in this part of the country and visit the tourist attraction thereat. I hope and pray the NPA's will not strike again.