Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kansilad Online

I have been harping to the resort owners about the need for it for sometime now, so I was more than pleased to discover that the Kansilad Beach Resort ( http://www.kansilad.com) has finally got its website up and running. It has been on the internet for just over a week yet the response from customers and web surfers has been more than enthusiastic.

That the Kansilad is the first business venture in Lianga to go digital in this internet age is significant in the sense that it is proof that a business venture in Lianga, despite the myriad of problems plaguing the town, can prosper and do well if such an enterprise is based on a right idea and was established by individuals with the determination and a willingness to risk everything in order to give reality to what was once merely a dream .

I remembered the time several years ago when the resort was a swampy wilderness by the sea, thoroughly infested by stinging bugs and insects, choked with cut timber, dense grass and vegetation, and appearing totally unpromising as a location for anything much less a beach resort. No wonder a lot of people thought it was a bad investment and the resort idea a pipe dream.

But Engr. Robert Lala, Sr., then DPWH regional director in the Caraga region (Region XIII), saw possibilities where others saw obstacles. A native of Lianga, he knew that ecotourism was the wave of the future and in Kansilad he thought had the chance to prove it.

He saw the new resort as a showcase for the natural beauty that Lianga as a coastal community had in abundance and he wanted it to appear as natural, pristine and unspoiled as possible. The resort facilities and infrastructure would serve to accentuate and emphasize the site's natural scenery rather than supplant or upstage it.

It has taken him and his family several years but the results have been, in more ways than one, spectacular.

Check out the website if you are planning to visit Lianga. If you are not yet planning a trip here then still take a look. You may change your mind.

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