Monday, February 12, 2007

The Bond That Ties

Binjo and Josh are first cousins yet when they are together, one gets the impression that they are more than that, they relate like blood brothers. And it shows.

Binjo is older than Josh by two years but both have similar interests. Both are computer game fanatics and are particularly fascinated by online gaming especially Binjo who has become quite adept in this esoteric field.

Both are also into sports with Josh being the more determined and versatile. Binjo is more laid back and is more a recreational sportsman rather than the dedicated athlete and lacks the competitive edge the other possesses.

Totally different persons and yet they complement each other and share a special chemistry that binds then in a way brothers are bound, not only by blood but by the gamut of shared experiences and a sense of a common history and destiny.

When I see them with each other or playing together and witness how well they both mesh and fit with one another, I feel blessed and comforted. All is right with the world.

I don't know if the bond they share will stand the test of time but while it lasts it is a beautiful thing to watch. And I hope that when they grow old they will still see each other in the same light and be able to revel in their individuality yet still derive strength and purpose from the special bond that hold them together.

Friends choose each other, siblings and relatives cannot. But when siblings or relatives chose to become bosom friends, then something magical happens. Their friendships become the stuff of legends, one bound by the strongest of ties and protected by the sturdiest of defenses against the onslaughts of a cruel and jealous world.

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