Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time Out

One of the things visitors from the city have to get used to when in Lianga is the deliciously casual way the locals deal with such unimportant and trivial things such as time and dates.

Take the case of the poor guy at the local shoe repair shop. He knocks on the counter of the empty shop for several futile minutes until a woman, obviously the shop owner's wife, nonchalantly appears.

Customer: "Is the repairman in?"
Woman: "No. He's here only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays."
Customer: "Today is a Wednesday."
Woman (surprised): "Wednesday ba! That idiot! He should be here!
Customer (impatiently): "I really need to have this shoe repaired."
Woman: "You can leave it here or come back tomorrow."
Customer: "Will he be here tomorrow."
Woman: "Maybe."

Or how about another guy waiting for the delivery of a set of custom furniture.

Customer: "You said Saturday. Today is Tuesday na!"
Carpenter: "Sorry. I said maybe I can deliver it last Saturday. I was busy harvesting rice."
Customer (after checking the delivery): "Hey, the set lacks one side table!"
Carpenter: "Yes, the varnish was still not dry on that one. I'll deliver it Friday."
Customer (exasperated already): "But I need it today. I have to ship the whole set to Cebu."
Carpenter: "I can't deliver it earlier than Friday."
Customer: "Why?'
Carpenter: "Its the fiesta in my barangay tomorrow and on Thursday I will be at the cockfight."

So when in Lianga, take it easy and do not be too obsessed with the time and the calendar. It will save you a lot of stress and aggravation.

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