Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kansilad Revisited

I had written about the Kansilad Beach Resort in Lianga about a month ago and even included several pictures of the resort in that post entry. The response has been lively and some visitors to this blog have requested for more pictures.

My visits to the Kansilad have been less frequent recently but the few times I have been there since then have left me with the lingering and lasting impression that the many who have passed by Lianga without ever visiting the resort have lost a singular opportunity to see what human ingenuity in combination with breathtaking natural scenery can accomplish in tandem.

Like many relatively young resorts, Kansilad is a work in progress and a lot more must be done to enable it to achieve its greatest potential as a prime tourist draw. But the potential is there and given time and the proper condtitons, Lianga may soon see the resort as not only a mecca for local tourists but also for foreign visitors eager for the taste of not only sun-drenched fun and excitement but also relaxation and comfort amidst lush, tropical surroundings and exotic, natural scenery.

Need I say more? Another round of tequila please.

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