Thursday, September 14, 2006


Some good things and blessings, if you can call it that, can come to you in the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places.

Several days ago while driving over the hot, dusty and potholed road that connects Lianga with its neighboring town of Barobo, I was miserable as hell.

The midafternoon sun was gleefully baking the outside of the car, the air conditioning was not working and I was perspiring like a pig inside the stifling interior while the car lurched and jolted slowly from one maddening deep hole to another. Cursing out loud is something I seldom do but that time I was doing it with gusto and no small amount of heartfelt fervor.

I had drank my fill of more than half a dozen cups of coffee while visiting a friend in Barobo so by the time I reached the outskirts of Lianga, my bladder was itching to explode. I found a nice shady spot by the side of the highway where I could relive myself and suddenly, in front of me and where I had least expected it, unfolded a scenery of serene and haunting beauty. In my mind I still can see it clearly.

Green ricefields stretching out in front of me, blue skies peeping through a fine haze of white, layered clouds and below, the outline of thinly forested hills tinted blue by the distance and framed by stretches of stately coconut trees. The car engine was off, no other vehicles were passing through and only the murmur of babbling water from a nearby creek and the chirping of distant birds could be heard. And, as if on cue, a cool, refreshing breeze heavy with the scent of fresh, green grass swept away the lingering heat of the fading sun.

My God! I had passed this spot countless of times before but I never saw the magnificence before me. How could I be so blind?

I simply stood there and drank it all with my senses. How long I remained there transfixed I do not remember but I finally somehow managed to shake myself loose, walk away and resume my journey quietly home.

Moments like these are pleasant interludes in our lives. They are of great value, leave lasting impressions and lingering memories. They are reminders that while life can be shitty most of the time, thankfully, there can be moments of great beauty that do help break the monotony and the drudgery of it all.

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