Friday, September 1, 2006

Day's End

One of the pleasures of living in a coastal town like Lianga is the chance to do some strolling by sea especially in the late afternoon when the searing sun has lost most of its raging heat and the sea breeze is at its gentlest and most refreshing.

As the shadows lengthen and darkness claim the land, one can watch the sun die in the mountains west of the town. And in the midst of its dying, when conditions are right, an incredible display of bursting, burning hues and colors of rich yellow and fiery red fading to pale, pastel colors can light up the western sky and can stun the unwary spectator. But the incredible spectacle lasts only for a few minutes and suddenly darkness falls and night is upon the world.

In Lianga, I have been privileged to have witnessed more than a few of these glorious sunsets. Of one thing I am certain. The best ones, the most beautiful sunsets I had seen are those you never planned or make time to see.

It is always the unexpected ones, those that catch you by surprise, that can take your breath away. The colors always seemed richer, the hues more vivid and vibrant, the effect more stunning. And as the glorious colors fade and the clouds darken, one is conscious only of a quiet feeling of exultation and gratitude. A privilege given and taken.

Nowadays I take sunsets as they come. Like people, they are all similar in some ways and different in many other ways. But they are all beautiful just the same.

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