Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Heat Blues

Hot days and warm, humid nights. It may be way past June and July but Lianga continues to swelter in what appears to be an extended summer.

In the news, I hear about torrential rains and floods in Vietnam and lately China but in this small part of the world the sun reigns supreme now and for the past week or so, one oppressively hot day has followed another. And the warm nights have not offered much solace either.

During the day, if you have the time and the opportunity to do so, one may find some relief in the cool breezes that the sea brings in this coastal community and sitting by the seashore in the shade while trying to cool off can be a pleasant interlude in an otherwise hideously hot day.

The gentle sea breeze, redolent of the scent of the salty sea and seaweed, brings refreshing cool relief. Lassitude overcomes you and a sense of timelessness beguiles as you relax and unwind, even for just a moment, while surrounded by nature in her most subdued beauty.

Then reality harshly and cruelly intrudes, the moment passes and it is back to the harsh reality of another hot and humid day in Lianga.

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