Wednesday, August 9, 2006

First Post

As I look out my windows while looking up from my computer monitor, i can see through the window what may appear to be an idyllic scene. The grey blue waters of the Pacific Ocean peeping through the palm fronds of the coconut trees swaying in the mild tropical breeze while flat against the bright blue of the horizon the sails of native fishing boats flapped in the wind - all these seemingly trying to lull me in the belief that I for one am insulated from the noise, the distractions and problems of the outside world.

This blog is my response to that. It is my reality pill, a hard knock on the head and a way of organizing my thoughts and feelings about everything and anything while possibly sharing these with whoever is able to read and access what I have written in these pages.

I am no sage or wise man and not even a skilled writer. Just another guy trying to make sense of the world and life.................

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